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Bedtime stories
inspired by the Twilight Zone

sci-fi, mystery, drama
8-24 minutes - unlimited episodes
target audience: 12+

It seems like the most ordinary town, but strange things do happen here…


Short stories. A nice twist on life before you go to bed.


The Shifter
sci-fi, thriller, drama
90 minutes (could be split up in  1, 2, 3 or 9 episodes)
target audience: 16+

Would you take the life of your true love, if it is the only way to save yours?


Time Will Tell

inspired by finished webseries Time Will Tell
sci-fi, mystery, drama
8 x 50 minutes
target audience: young adults

Exploring her ability to return to the past, a rebellious teen discovers a dark mystery that she can only resolve by digging into the private moments of her adversaries, family and friends – even though her ability may be killing her slowly.


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