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What if...

The most magical movie experiences are the ones where you say: this couldn't happen in real life, but it sure feels as if it could. Magic movie moments have a way of creeping under your skin, or setting your brain on fire. They have a way of making your everyday existence more magical, mysterious and mesmerizing. 


These are the kind of movie experiences that High-Concept-Films aims to create. High concept, human touch. Because a movie only becomes magical when it portrays tragic, funny and and awe-inspiring truths about what it means to be human. 


High-Concept-Films is a collective of movie lovers who were triggered to become creatives by watching The Twilight Zone and related content, stories that ask the most magical question there is: "What if..." 


Joggem Simons

founder, producer

With over 25 years of work experience that ranges from television, to theatre, to art-house film, Joggem has found his personal niche in producing content in line with The Twilight Zone. Because nothing is more rewarding than creating stories that open your mind and help you look at the world from a different perspective. Joggem is highly skilled in getting a movie’s budget where it’s supposed to be: on the screen. With budgets that some would consider small, he can perform miracles.


Producing is: creating trust and synergy between people.


Tonnie Dinjens


While a lot of technique is involved in the making of a movie, filmmaking is first and foremost a highly human endeavor and one that Tonnie thoroughly enjoys. He loves working with his fellow-creatives, pushing them and himself to strive for the best. His work with young actors for the TV-series Spangas helped that show win a prestigious Dutch TV award. What Tonnie loves about “What if” stories is that you can push your characters into terrains where they have never been before.

Directing is: bringing the story to life.


Michiel Richards - screenwriter

Drawn to writing from a very early age, Michiel loves the paradox that a story in which highly improbable things happen, can feel more real than real life. Getting a glimpse at the inner workings of the main characters allows the viewer to bond with these fictitious people, in such a way that they feel like family. With over 20 years of experience in writing scripts for Dutch TV-series in pretty much all genres, Michiel focuses on creating the kind of “What if” stories he loved as a viewer and reader.


Screenwriting is: helping the characters discover the truth about themselves.


Sander Offenberg

story editor

Writing a script can be a lonely job. That’s why Sander enjoys supporting the writing process, with his talent for analyzing a story’s strengths and weaknesses. All this while making sure that his feedback is to-the-point and inspiring. Sander is a screenwriter himself, who has worked on a broad range of Dutch TV-series and feature films. He was trained at the prestigious Binger Institute, where he honed his skills as a script-editor, after which he supported many Dutch and international projects. Sander is driven to apply his knowledge in pursuit of the unique satisfaction audiences can get from experiencing a well crafted story.

Script editing is: discovering the core of the story and making sure it thrives.


Hidde Simons

director, acting coach

Acting is a vulnerable profession. Your face, body and voice are your instruments. Highly personal instruments, one might add. Hidde – with his 20+ years of experience in coaching and directing actors – knows the pitfalls and pearls of the acting profession. He creates a safe atmosphere, in which actors can explore the characters they’re portraying. All this while providing actors with the kind of feedback that helps them to excel and find the human truth of their “What if” situation.


Coaching actors is: helping actors feel safe, in order to be truly vulnerable.

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