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High-Concept-Films was founded in 2013 by an experienced team of producers, directors and writers, aiming to produce original, exciting fiction, rooted in sci-fi/drama. The company is based in the Netherlands, making use of both financial and practical benefits. Output is produced in English. We work with native English writers and actors.

The nature of this specific genre, where stories are driven by thought provoking ideas not only meets a lasting audience demand, but also has the benefit of extensive spin-off and adaptation potential for TV and VOD.

As VOD demands a specific approach of storytelling, we make our stories work best for on-demand services. We take advantage of over 20 years of experience of each member of the team; responsible for 100s of hours of scripted tv and features. We enjoy using the newest techniques to our advantage and we know how to get the best people on the right positions.

And as we love, know and have our full focus on our genre and we take advantage of the specific knowledge of our team members, we are able to keep our vision clear and get the best films made.


Tonnie Dinjens
Joggem Simons
Michiel Richards
Sander Offenberg
Hidde Simons


- Joggem Simons (1972) - founder, producer

     “I wanted to become involved in film after watching The Twilight Zone in the 80’s. Stories by High-Concept-Films will be in that line.”

Joggem has been producing a wide variety of films for the last 20 years; ao producing with and for Klaus Maria Brandauer, Hal Hartley, Louis Andriessen and Michel van der Aa.


- Tonnie Dinjens - director

Has directed over a hundred episodes of (award winning) television-drama. In his stories "recognizable people are put in extraordinary situations. This way they can't fall back on their usual and often predictable behaviour. They will have to re-discover themselves and challenge their own (im)moralities." Tonnie has been developing high-concept projects with Joggem for ten years.


- Michiel Richards - screenwriter

Immediately fell in love with storytelling when he first attempted to write a story at the age of five. He loves stories that create a suspension of disbelief, thus giving the audience an experience they haven't had before. Michiel has been a screenwriter for more than fifteen years. His work has been sold all over the world.

- Sander Offenberg - story editor

     “I focus on thrilling and surprising stories with a recognizable theme, which, with sci-fi elements, get extra meaning and impact."

Sander has been script doctoring international feature films and has written and story-lined 100’s of hours of tv fiction.


- Hidde Simons - director, acting coach

Is besides a director, a drama coach for actors and directors and works in casting. With an acting and teaching background he created his own way of directing actors, which has been picked up by a number of directors who followed his classes.

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