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Bedtime stories
inspired by the Twilight Zone

sci-fi, mystery, thriller, drama
8-24 minutes - unlimited episodes
target audience: all ages

Bedtime stories is a scripted series of stand alone stories in the line of the Twilight Zone.  

The stories put big and small life issues in a different perspective and give you something to think twice about. Perfect before you go to sleep.

Episodes (some example summaries)


The couch

Chantal finds a couch in the street. To her surprise, every time she sits on it and wishes for something, she gets it. Then she discovers that whatever she wishes for is taken away from her neighbor. After the first hesitance, she doesn't stop wishing. But what will she do when it starts to endanger her neighbors life?


The valley

Jacob and the others of a small community have been living in a hidden valley for hundreds of years and haven’t aged. Then Angie, a modern woman, accidentally stumbles upon Jacob and the valley. Jacob and Angie fall in love.

After a short while Angie gets homesick and returns to her modern world. Jacob in love and also curious about the new world, wants to follow her, but is afraid: the story goes that whenever you leave the valley, you’d catch up all the years you’ve lived, so you’d instantly die. But is this true and is it worth not taking a chance…?


The painting

While not happy about her life, Imogen meets a painter who makes paintings you can step into. Though no one has ever returned from one of the paintings, she starts working with the painter to create her perfect world. After a long process the painting is finished. But instead of stepping into her perfect world she keeps postponing this moment until she’s ready. When will this be…?


Body double

Andre is a busy businessman. Because his body can’t keep up with his life, it starts duplicating itself. A great solution, this way he can be on different places at the same time. Though also a danger, as he has to control all bodies and discovers that when one body hurts him selves, all bodies get the same injury…

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