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Genre: scifi supernatural - most popular genre: see schedule

Target audience: millennials

Number of episodes:  6  (stand alone - unlimited available)

Length: 50-70 minutes

Language: TBD

- pilot and screenplays available

- strong social media connection

- creation of a story world in many levels

- great spin-off and adaptation potential

- European produced

Social media / online presence:
780,000 years ago shifting magnetic poles caused changes in the human gene structure.

Today, it is happening again.

Superhumans are among us, people with abilities that are a blessing and a burden at the same time.

One person, driven by grief over the loss of his father and sister, sets out to find these superhumans and help them, before their abilities destroy themselves or others…



The Polar Shift Phenomenon (TPSP)

An anthology series of stand alone movies, connected by social media storytelling and one common backstory: the story of Alex, whose sister and father died because of a mysterious and powerful ability.

Character films for platforms and tv, episodes: (see also below)

001: Tim can only survive by inhabiting other people's bodies

002: Daphne can see her near future

003: Kim can time travel through her own past (pilot, 60 minutes - available)

004: Jill can move an illness from one person to the next

005: Gary can control people with his mind

006: Jacob receives the dreams of an adolescent girl

Together, these superhumans-next-door could be the answer for the human kind.

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As this schedule shows, there is a great demand for scifi supernatural series. By far, most of these most wanted digital originals are scifi supernatural.

In this case these are US numbers, though these shows are in great demand around the world. These shows travel well.


           6 stories (unlimited stories available):

001: Tim (Screenplay finished)

A man can only survive by forcing his consciousness into the body of a new host every few months, killing his host’s consciousness in the process. Now, for the first time in his over 100-year existence, a woman is destined to be his next host, a woman with whom he desperately tries not to fall in love – a task at which he fails miserably. So when his present host’s body starts decaying, he’s forced to choose between his own survival or the survival of the love of his life.

002: Daphne

A young woman who’s frustrated about her life, discovers she can see the short-term future outcome of her choices. Her ability is a blessing at first, as she now makes the right career choices. But she doesn’t notice that her choices affect the lives of others for the worse. When she tries to use her ability to win the heart of a man whose love she thinks she needs, the drawbacks of her short-term successes start catching up with her.

003: Kim (Finished pilot, 60 minutes)

A teenage girl, who wants to keep her father in prison, discovers she can travel through time when passing out from stress. While traveling to the past, she’s faced with a terrible family secret she must set straight. This makes it necessary for her to take huge risks in both the past and present, jeopardizing not just her future, but her very life.

004: Jill

A woman discovers she can take people’s illnesses, temporarily carry them inside her body and then give them to a different person. She starts moving the illnesses of good people to people she considers bad. Then she gives a man a disease who in retrospect didn’t deserve this. Driven by guilt, she starts doing everything in her power to make his life goal come true before he dies, while hiding the fact that she’s the one responsible for his misery.

005: Gary (Screenplay finished)

A young father turned paraplegic by an accident, discovers his mind can enter people’s bodies and control their physical movements. When his wife goes missing, he starts using the bodies of strangers hoping to find her. But while digging in his wife’s life, he discovers an unknown side of her and even the cause of his accident…

006: Jacob

A middle-aged man who discovers he keeps on receiving someone else’s dreams, sets out to find this person. When she turns out to be a young girl entering puberty, he feels he needs to help her get through a rough period in her life. While reaching out to her, with the knowledge of her dreams, he must not only take away her fear of him, but also the prejudices and distrust towards him, of people surrounding her.



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