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Time Will Tell

inspired by feature film TIME WILL TELL
sci-fi, mystery, drama
8 x 50 minutes

Exploring her ability to return to the past, a rebellious teen discovers a dark mystery that she can only resolve by digging into the private moments of her adversaries, family and friends – even though her ability may be killing her slowly.

Episodes (summaries)

1- They’re not Dreams
Rebellious teenager Kim gets an eerie feeling that there’s more to the disturbing dreams she suffers during her stress induced bouts of narcolepsy. Nothing can prepare her for the shock of discovering she actually travels back to her own past, where she can witness events, without being able to interact. Before she can share her discovery with her friends, her next ‘journey’ confronts her with a secret that puts all she thought to be true in a shocking new light.

2 –Bloody Waste
While exploring her both fascinating and scary ‘talent’ and learning where to go in the past, Kim involuntarily witnesses a gruesome moment concerning her father’s crime in the waste disposal factory that presently practically owns the town. And whose director, the father of her best friend Eddy, has begun too woo her mother Joanne. Kim shares her discovery with her friend Liz – a decision she will learn to regret.

3 – Revelations
Trying to expand her control over her time traveling capacity, Kim finds it increasingly difficult to induce a stress attack. An accidental peril takes her to a moment in time where Banes is revealed to be the true perpetrator of her father’s crime. Realizing she must set things right, Kim is confronted by her mother who has arranged for her to be admitted to a mental hospital. Kim fears Banes’ involvement but can’t prove it before she’s taken away.

4 – Mad Girl
Kim is pushed to her limits in the mental institute to the point where she begins to doubt if she hasn’t lost her mind. When Eddy visits her, wanting to know more about her suspicions concerning his father, suspicious Kim breaks off her friendship with him.
Next, a harrowing therapy session accidentally lends her new insight in how to manage her time travels. She uses this to break free. But before she can return to her ‘mission’ to reveal the truth about Banes, Kim discovers her travelling in time is taking a toll on her physical health.

5 – Truth or Dare
Kim prepares the most ambitious time journey until now, but it proves too much: Unable to return to the present, she nearly loses her life. Eddy saves her and demands she stops – revealing his love for her. Kim is shocked but when she learns her mother has agreed to a sail trip with Banes, Kim turns the tables and pushes Eddy to help her to travel to the past in order to stop him seducing her mother and to release her father from prison – where his life is becoming a living hell.

6 – Star Crossed
When Eddy is hesitant to help Kim, she keeps her distance from Eddy, but can’t help examine her feelings and her suspicion triggered when her instinct tells her Eddy is hiding something from her – which turns out to be true: Not only has he had a fling with Kim’s friend Liz, in the present he’s secretly visits Kim’s father in prison in an attempt to stop him from using Kim to do his bidding. When his mission has an unexpected outcome and Kim learns he has put himself on the line, she’s confused.

7 – Past, present and death
When Eddy offers Kim to help her with her last trip to past, she must find the confidence to trust her feelings instead of compromising her health by attempting yet another time-journey. Ironically, it’s her mother who gives Kim what she needs to decide to put her fate into Eddy’s hands. After Eddy has made Kim promise it will be her final trip, he creates the ultimate stress for Kim to induce her narcolepsy. The trip leads to the discovery of Banes’ psychopathic life as a child and his friendship with Kim’s father. When rushing back to the present, Kim catches a glimpse of the future where her mother is back with her Martin but where Eddy has paid the ultimate price for standing up to his father, Banes.

8 – Convergence
A severely weakened Kim is faced with a maddening dilemma: Use the disturbing truth she has learned to expose Banes and exonerate her father, or stay out and keep Eddy out of harm’s way. Unsure whether the future she’s seen is ‘set in stone’ but not ready to take the risk, she decides to back off and isolates herself from everyone. And when her vindictive father is released on probation, she even sets out to destroy the evidence against Banes that could set everything ‘right’. But this suspicious act makes her fall into Banes’ hands and Kim’s vulnerability awakens Banes’ long suppressed sadistic urges. Involuntarily, Kim suffers a narcoleptic fit. Realizing it’ll be probably be her last one, she attempts something new: To move to another place in the present – which as it turns out, is where the solution lies – although an unexpected one. 



As a boy Martin Temple befriended Billy Banes. Billy was not your average child. He was very charismatic for his young age but het also had a very dark side.  He had the sadistic urge to hurt animals. Martin was fascinated and played along. But Billy took his hobby to ever more disturbing levels. When they found an abandoned shed, Billy started stealing animals to lock up and torture after school. At some point Martin drew the line and distanced himself from his former friend. But as he had been involved himself, he always kept quiet.

Many years later: Billy, now just Banes, has become a successful businessman and he and Martin got reacquainted and Martin even got employed in Banes’ high profile waste processing company. Banes is the successful one, but secretly he envies Martin’s ‘simple life’ with the lovely Joanne and baby Kim’.

It doesn’t take long for Martin to discover the shady side of Banes’ business and it makes him uncomfortable to the point where he decides to turn his employer in. He begins to collect evidence and even prepares to present proof Banes’ horrific psychopathic games in his early days.

But Banes strikes pre-emptively: he makes Martin take the fall for a company crime: the clandestine selling of hospital waste (like body parts and foetuses) to a pet food company. Martin is arrested, a scandal is avoided by a pay off and before Martin is imprisoned, Banes makes it clear to Martin that he better keeps his mouth shut about everything he knows about Banes, or else his family will suffer the consequences.

5 years later: the present: Martin is about to be released from prison on probation (he’s to wear an electronic brace.) This catches both his family and Banes by surprise and it puts things in motion. In prison Martin has changed into a hardened, intimidating criminal with nothing to loose. Kim and her mother dread his release. And Banes knows Martin will be coming after him.


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