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The Shifter
sci-fi, thriller, drama
90 minutes
director: Melvin Simons

If you could only save yourself from agony and death by taking the lives of loved ones, where would you draw the line?

What if you had a condition that made you need a different human host every few months, a host whose body you’d use, whose life you’d take, whose spirit you’d kill. What if you’d grown accustomed to the fact that the only host suitable for you, is a man for whom you feel affection.


Until one day you discover that your next host is not only a woman, but also a woman for whom you feel a form of affection that you’ve never experienced before, namely love. Suddenly you – a human predator who's been able to suppress your emotions for so many years – find yourself filled with inner turmoil: can you sacrifice your will to live in order to save your loved one? Or is survival instinct stronger than love?


The Shifter is a fantastic tale about something we all recognize and struggle with: is it possible to put someone else’s life before our own? Can we ever transcend our own limitations? Or are we destined to repeat the same mistakes again and again, all the way into eternity?

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