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Bedtime stories
inspired by the Twilight Zone

sci-fi, mystery, thriller, drama
8-24 minutes - unlimited episodes
target audience: 12+

Many of us, including ourselves, love watching a nice bedtime story. On our phones, just before we go to sleep.


Preferably something catchy and short; we already went to bed too late anyway.

8-24 minutes, is what we can handle.


There's hardly any catchy content of that length available though!

Bedtime stories offers a wide range of stories with a twist. All with a sci-fi touch. Some episodes are 8 minutes stand alone, others part of a longer story, broken into episodes with a maximum of 24 minutes each. So every night you can watch a chapter. (And sometimes, you watch one chapter too many...)

Time Will Tell 

sci-fi, mystery, drama
9 episodes - 9 minutes each

The Shifter

sci-fi, mystery, drama

10 episodes - 9 minutes each


sci-fi, mystery, drama

unlimited episodes - 8 -24 minutes

An ordinary girl, her extraordinary gift to travel through time, and the traumatic betrayal she must uncover within her own family.


Would you take the life of your true love, if it is the only way to save yours?


It seems like the most ordinary town, but strange things do happen here…


Short stories. A nice twist on life before you go to bed.


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