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footage from pilot: 001: Kim

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People love superhumans - superheroes

Since ancient times people have been drawn to stories about characters with abilities to make the impossible happen.

We’ve all fantasized what it would be like to be that person.

The Polar Shift Phenomenon tells these stories from a relatable perspective. It seduces the viewer with the wonder before getting down to the burden of being ‘blessed’ to be different.

This is one of the most popular genres on streaming platforms.

The Polar Shift Phenomenon
An anthology series of stand alone movies, connected by a narrator and social media storytelling.

genre scifi/supernatural
length 50-90 minutes

target audience millennials

number of episodes TBD
language English / TBD

Alex, the narrator, has discovered there is a connection between shifting poles, DNA mutation and people developing special abilities.

He sets out to search for these superhumans; normal people who don't know what is happening to them. He puts their stories down and creates an overview of what is happening in the world.

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Character films for streaming platforms and tv

(some episodes)

001: Kim can time travel through her own life (pilot, 65 minutes - available)
002: Gary can control people with his mind

003: Tim can only survive, by taking over people's bodies
004: Jill can transport illnesses from one  person to the next
005: Daphne can see her near future
006: Jacob receives the dreams of a young girl

Together they could be the hope for the human kind.

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